Dear all,
This webpage is part of a research project about the adaption of hashtags on Instagram. We are two Master in Communication students at the University of Gothenburg and writing our master thesis about how users master their hashtags on Instagram. We love hashtags and we think that they include a huge amount of social and economic capital and we are curious to learn more about how you use hashtags on Instagram.

Only a couple of weeks and 30 ETCP are left, until we have graduated from the Master in Communicaiton at the University of Gothenburg. This 30 ETCP will be effected in form of a master thesis, and this webpage is part of our research project on the adaption of hashtags on Instagram.

In 2006 the micro blogging service Twitter was founded and shortly after it’s users were in need of a tool to organize the content floating around in the network. This was the birth of the first hashtag, a simple, effective and user generated tool to master information. The idea is simple, one marks a random word with the hashkey (# ) and suddenly it becomes clickable and searchable. Congratulations, you just created a hastag, and what is even better – every user can search for your hashtag and everybody who uses the same hashkey – word combination, will contribute new content to the hashtag. Eversince the hashtag has performed an unstopable triumphal procession throughout several social media networks and changed a lot.

Today one of the most important social media platforms that makes use of hashtags is Instagram, and here the transformation becomes especially obvious. From being a simple tool to channel information, the hashtag has become a stable instrument of self-expression, humor and marketing. On Instagram it’s less about plain information sharing but more about lifestyle. Users hashtag all kinds of information, like places, emotions, brands, events, seasons, political messages or claims. But what are the motives to adapt a hashtags? Do the users follow a certain strategy when they decide to hashtag? Why do they hashtag a certain aspect of a picture and neglect others? Our ambition is to answer these questions – we are curious to know how you master your hashtags on Instagram! Are you helping us?