Communication is essential to human beings. Human life and social organization depends on it. In the Master of Communication at the department of applied IT from the University of Gothenburg,  all aspects of communication are taught and the students acquire an advanced understanding of communication issues in various contexts and advanced knowledge about theories and methods useful in studies of communication in its context.

How do factors such as purpose, roles, medium, instrument and environment affect communication? Communication in classical and modern organizational theories are studied, which increases the understanding of how different activities influence communication within an organization.

Other courses of the program are the role of communication within different professional fields and the various professional demands on written and oral communication as well as the use of pictures in communication in business life, mass media, education etc. We learned about the communicative practice of leaders and the characteristics of successful organizing and get an enhanced comprehension of the relationship between leadership and communication with a special emphasis on the politics of everyday life in organizations.

Other important topics addressed during the education are communication technology, intercultural communication, a practical student project and the master thesis.

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