“Hello, my name is Eliane! Är allt bra?”

“Hej, my name is Svenja! How are you?”

We are graduates from the Master in Communication at the faculty for applied IT at the University of Gothenburg. We are connected through our friendship, but also through our passion for online communication and digital marketing. We are both dreaming of a career within the field of online communication and we hope that our final thesis will provide us the way into digital advertisment.

Eliane was raised in Gothenburg and has a bachelor in Business Administration from the University of Borås. Thanks to her Lebanese roots and her international education, she is fluent in Arabic, English and Swedish. When she is not busy with her studies, she loves to hit the gym.  After having worked as a strategic-communication consultant for over a year, she recently became the CMO  of HandelsMarketing, a student-run communication agency for Gothenburg business-school and is now the head of the marketing department, both online and offline.

The other part of the team is Svenja, a German girl with a passion for Sweden. Having a Bachelor in Cultural Studies, Marketing and Management, she moved back to Sweden in late 2013 to attend the Master in Communication at Gothenburg University. As well as Eliane she has a interest for marketing and student consulting firms. During her Bachelors she reflated a student consultant group with some friends, and worked as head of  marketing, until she finished her studies in 2013. Since January 2014 she supports TEDxGöteborg as social media manager and spreads the word about ideas worth spreading. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn – you name it! Her friends sometimes allege her to being addicted to social media, but they are sooo wrong. If she is not screening the internet for new tweets, Svenja has a strong passion for interior  and scandinavian design, loves to visit the art museum, to meet friends and invite them for dinner parties.

Currently we are both searching for job opportunities after our graduation in June. If you are curious to learn more about us, don’t hesitate to contact us via mail or click on our LinkedIn pages on the sidebar.